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The Art of Smiles


Daniel J O'Brien, DDS, FICOI


Diane's Story


When I thought an overbite and TMJ could be causing a lifetime of breathing problems, fatigue and headaches, I saw a dentist who recommended weeks of immobilization and several years of braces. At age 60, this prospect didn’t appeal to me and my girlfriend suggested I see her dentist, Dr. O’Brien, because he had special equipment and training in TMJ treatment and neuromuscular dentistry. I was intrigued so I immediately made an appointment.

At my first appointment Dr. O’Brien was able to identify the problem and explain to me in simple terms what the problem was. Because my jaw was misaligned, my jaw muscles were working 24/7 trying to realign my bite. Although I had no jaw pain other than the TMJ clicking, Dr. O’Brien explained the overworked jaw muscles had become so fatigued they triggered more work for my neck and shoulder muscles that were always tight and painful. Simply stated, I was tired all the time, even after waking from a seemingly good night’s sleep, because my jaw/neck/shoulder muscles were never relaxed.

I really enjoyed being the only patient during my visits which seemed like such a unique practice! Each visit began with an hour of tensing (temporary muscle relaxing through electronic stimulation) and I was accommodated (if you can believe it!) with meditation music, soft lights, and even candles during this relaxing hour. Dr. O’Brien always thoroughly explained every aspect of his analysis, which I found fascinating. I definitely felt like an involved partner throughout the process which included wearing some lightweight headgear and electrodes while performing some simple jaw exercises.

This technology has been life altering for me. I am pain free, breathing well, have no jaw clicking or headaches and have energy for the first time in my life. I only had to wear my mouth splint during the day for five weeks because my temporary gave me a head start. Now I wear it at night and anytime I’m exercising (not necessary, but a personal preference). I highly recommend Dr. O’Brien and his neuromuscular technology to anyone with TMJ pain. His explanations are thorough, his staff is wonderful and the technique is relatively quick, totally painless, non-invasive and can ultimately change your life.


Diane E
Sterling Heights MI

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