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The Art of Smiles


Daniel J O'Brien, DDS, FICOI


Carol's Story


It's wonderful to live in a world of huge advances in the dental field, but even better when you have a dentist who keeps up on it all. Dr. O'Brien continually educates himself, and I am one of his lucky patients who benefits. I was raised with a mother who noticed nice smiles and pretty teeth before she noticed anything about a person. It became important to me to have nice, straight, white teeth and a confident smile, which I was blessed to have--that IS . . . until I got older.

Years and lots of dental work later, I noticed my teeth were shifting. Food traps were developing where I never had gaps before. This made it challenging to keep the decay away and my gums healthy. During a routine dental exam, by comparing my teeth to some old dental records and x-rays, the hygienist gave me physical proof that my teeth were showing signs of wear. Actually, the old records weren't that old, relatively speaking. I saw the change my teeth had made in just ten years. What would the next ten years bring? I was becoming self-conscious when I smiled and knew it would only get worse in time. So, when the hygienist, motivated by just the appearance of my front teeth, politely asked if I had ever considered porcelain veneers, I knew the time had come when I felt my smile was distracting, and I knew the importance of doing something about it.

I put my trust in Dr. O'Brien and his wonderful team to do the job. During the process of preparing my teeth for the veneers, undetected decay was found, leaving no doubt that I had made the right decision. The final result is a very natural looking, confident smile. What a good feeling it is to smile like that! My mother is no longer around to approve, but I know she would have admired my teeth with every smile. My teeth are nicely spaced and white again, but not so white that they blind people when I smile. Perfect, I think. And more importantly, my gums are healthy and easier to keep that way. No more food traps! When I told the hygienist how glad I was to get my porcelain veneers, she commented that I'll be even happier in ten years. She's right. I doubt that my natural teeth would have lasted another ten years.

I give credit to Dr. O'Brien and his staff for saving my teeth, my smile and my confidence. You can't put a price tag on that!



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