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Daniel J O'Brien, DDS, FICOI


TMD Treatment


TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) is more common than people think. Do you have any of these symptoms that you may not realize are related to TMD?

- migraines      

- fullness in one or both ears

- tenderness or pain behind head

- neck or shoulder pain or tenderness

- recurring tooth fractures

- lower back pain

- clenching - difficulty opening

- noticeable shortening of front teeth

- tenderness on either side of face

- jaw clicking or popping

- regular tooth sensitivity

Accidental trauma can cause the temporomandibular joint to become stressed and abnormal. Usually, in these cases, the cause and effects are obvious. However, most problems centering on the TMJ occur from a misaligned bite. When we chew, our brain tells our teeth to close in the best way to make our teeth do the best job in the chewing process. However, many times this is at a detrimental affect on our muscles. Our jaw muscles become very tight, losing much needed blood and oxygen. Left untreated, this pathologic condition only gets worse.

Neuromuscular Dentistry   

Our primary treatment for TMD is to make the muscles comfortable. Our special training in this area is centered on relaxing the muscles of the head and neck. After TENSing the muscles of the head and neck, bringing oxygen to the tissues, we use electromyography to specifically find the most relaxed position of the mandible. Once this comfortable position is found, we give the patient an orthotic that fits on their lower teeth that keeps their bite in this proper position.

The results are amazing. Patients with years of pain have found relief through neuromuscular dentistry. We are thrilled to be able to help patients end years of pain and constant discomfort.



TMD affects a body's posture, leading to neck and lower back pain.

TENS restores tight, fatigued muscles.


Ditching of teeth near gumline from extreme clenching.

Excessive wearing of enamel on front teeth caused by bruxing (grinding).

Removable orthotic keeps muscles relaxed and feeling healthy.

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